Inventory Management Platform

for Distributors ...in the Stone Industry

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Powerful features
to help you manage your store

C3Max Features Manager


Manage the entire
sales-floor with just few clicks

C3Max Features Office


Control orders, inventory, pricing, deliveries and the overall Inventory

C3Max Features Sales


Manage your client deliveries
with a centralized approach

You have a dedicated
Quick & Rapid Customer Support

Vava Sales / Tablet


The IPad Home screen helps the sales rep quickly access all features of the system

  • Scan slabs easily
  • Generate new orders
  • Track slabs location
C3Max Sales Dashboard
C3Max Sales Scan


Quickly get relevant info of individual slabs like if they are available or already in an order

order generation
C3Max Sales Orders


Create Digitalized orders with few clicks, pick which slabs, define who are the various actor in this order, define expected delivery date , get the order signed and approved by the client.

C3Max Sales Orders

Move Slab

Keep track of what Slabs need to be move from/to the Public area into the Private digitally

C3Max Sales Move
C3Max Sales Pick-Up


Prepare in advanced the orders that will be picked up later today by Fabricators. Get their signature when slabs change responsibility.

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C3Max Sales Pick-Up

Vava Office / Web


The web portal Home screen helps the office clerk quickly access all features of the system.

  • Live Order Counts
  • Chart Sales Visualization
  • Optimized Searches
C3MAX - Vava Office/ Web - Dashboard
C3MAX - Vava  Office web - orders


Review all existing orders and their status, state within their own workflow. Quickly access the info you need to make successful business decisions. Automate a sequence emails reminders for Expired orders.

C3Max Office Orders

Order Management

Manage the details of individual orders, which slabs,  who are the different client types, what price type is applied based on the client in control of the order. The Delivery type and cost applied, taxes and so on.

  • Manage all aspects of an Order
  • Update individual slab pricing
  • Set up Delivery / Pickup info
C3Max Office Order Management
C3Max Office Delivery


Organize what orders need to be prepared in advanced in order to optimize time and resource for the Delivery truck and the slab movers.

C3Max Office Delivery
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Vava Office / Manager


Bring your containers info into the system with a simple but powerful Import process, where u define materials, lots # and slabs # , purchase cost. All confidential data that only the Manager can see.

C3Max Manager Import
C3Max Manager Price List

Price List

Control with a easy to use and update module the prices of each slab in the inventory. Define the various discounts that Traders and Fabricators are expecting.

more accurate
C3Max Manager Price List


Manage the most valuable asset you have knowing their exact status, location, cost, and history ... in Real-Time

  • Control your entire Inventory
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Email out selected slabs with one click
C3Max Manager Inventory
C3Max Manager Financials


View restricted information like purchase and transport cost and any proprietary data that only managers should have access to.

C3Max Manager Financials
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Provide special discount at the order level by reducing sales prices by % or by special pricing at the individual slab level or order level.

  • Manage discounts as Percentages
  • Add General Discounts as an Amount
C3Max Manager Discounts
C3MAX - Vava Manager / Web - Templates


Manage individual email templates that will be used by the automated system that send notifications to Expired order clients.

more responding
C3MAX - Vava Office  Web - Templates


Manage the users of your company with a very easy to use module. Assign different roles to different employee types

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C3Max Manager Users

Vava Driver / App

Order List

Provide your driver with the list of deliverables assigned to his Truck, to ensure he can confidently perform his deliveries in an organized way.

C3MAX - Vava Driver - Order List
C3MAX - Vava Driver - Order List Map

Geo Location

Ping Point each delivery Geo Location in order to provide GPS routing to each Fabricator in the list, ensuring the most effective delivery process.

more accurate

Rejected Slab

Manage with few clicks the process when a slab get rejected by the Fabricator, all digitally recorded.

  • One slab broke during delivery?
  • Track and report the issue electronically
  • Update your Inventory in Real-Time
C3MAX - Vava Driver - Salb Rejected
C3MAX - VAVA DRIVER - Delivery Accepted

Delivery Accepted

Control the delivery process with a professional app that shows you business ...means business

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Transfer the Slabs Liability by collecting a Digital Signature from the Fabricator.

  • Cover your back in case of complaints
  • Display professionalism even in the smallest details
C3MAX - VAVA DRIVER - Signature

Powerful, yet
extremely easy to use



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Delivery Mobile
Online Payments
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“Best Inventory Management Platform”

This product was truly designed for Distributors in the Stone Industry. It really helps me manage my entire business from a central place and allows my entire team to produce better results overall.

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“My Sales Team is raving about it”

Being able to reach the entire company inventory with few clicks, getting suggestions of matching slabs, providing quick searches, and ultimately such an easy to use tool - we all love it !!

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“Finally I can control all data from one centralized location"

The Command Center is offering me the tools that I needed to review and control all sales transactions, review and provide discounts, sales, cost, transports, inventory, pricing, deliveries ..and so on.

Just love it.

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